About us

Hey there, fellow hoodie enthusiast! We’re the brains, heart, and sweat behind Hoodies Express. You can call us the hoodie aficionados of Rochdale, England. And no, we don’t wear hoodies 24/7 (okay, maybe sometimes we do). But that’s not the point. The point is, we’re here to make your hoodie dreams come true!


Rochdale, England, is where our Hoodie HQ resides. Right here, amid rolling hills and hearty cups of tea, we've set up camp to serve you, our amazing customers. Whether you're from the heart of Rochdale or anywhere on this fine island, we've got your hoodie needs covered.


At Hoodies Express, we're all about making you look good. Our magic wand? Heat transfer vinyl and embroidery. We take your vision and slap it onto the perfect hoodie, adding that extra sprinkle of you. Want to show off your brand, your team, your school, or your club with a personalised touch? You're in the right place. Our services are like a hoodie makeover - nothing short of transformational.


You know how they say, "Practice makes perfect"? Well, in our case, practice makes perfect hoodies! With years of experience tucked under our hoodies, we've mastered the art of turning those cosy garments into your canvas. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create custom hoodies that ooze style, and we've never looked back. Our dedication to quality, precision, and personalisation is second to none.

Customer Services

Ah, customer service - the icing on our hoodie-shaped cake. Our team is here to make your Hoodies Express experience as smooth as a perfectly zipped hoodie. Got questions? We've got answers. Need help with your design? We've got designers who are practically hoodie-wizards. When it comes to satisfying your hoodie cravings, we bend over backward to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you're a business looking to brand your team, an event planner adding a touch of flair, or a school or club ready to rock customised hoodies, Hoodies Express is your go-to partner in style. We don't just create hoodies; we create memories and confidence-boosting fashion statements.

Now that we’ve gotten to know one another, dive into our cosy world of custom hoodies and let’s make your vision come to life. We’re the hoodie heroes you never knew you needed!

Our Work

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